Mountaineering is an interesting and adventurous sport. It is also a lot of fun but one has to be always careful in the mountains. If you are still little, you always need to be accompanied by a parent.

Mountains offer a lot of opportunities for adventure. He is one of the stories about mountaineering. This one is about two great ascents in Greenland. 

A joint British-Russian expedition to the Watkins Mountains in Greenland came back from Greenland in May 2011. In the second half of May, Andrey Pogudin and Maxim Boev became the first Russians to summit the highest mountain in the Arctic circle, Mount Gunnbjorn.

Watkin mountains are located in the eastern part of the biggest island on earth - Greenland. This picture will give you a sense on how they look like -

And our target and gol in the mountains was to climb the highest mountain in the Arctic circle - mount Gubbjorn.

And this our Russian flag at the top of the mountain. Andrey Pogudin is to the right in yellow jacket.