Where did the dinosaurs go? The Asteroid Collision theory is one of the most popular theory about the disapperance of dinosaurs. What is an Asteriod? An asteroid can be thought of as a small planet.

Some asteroids pass near our planet. These are called Earth-crossers. It is one of these Earth-crossers that millions of years ago hit our planet.

Here is what could have happened approximately 65 million years ago-


An asteroid about 6 miles long (10 kilometers) collided with our planet. The dust from the impact arose into the air, encircled the plane and blocked sunlight for years.

Such a high pollution had probably initially led to a disappearance of many plants. Once the plants disappeared, so did the animals who ate it. Once the plant eating animals disappeared, then it came the turn of their predators - the dinosaurs.

How do we know that this theory is true? One of the features of an asteroid collision is a high concentration of a special metal - irridium which is tended to be found in ateroids.

This is how this metal looks like on a microscopic scale.

Do we know where the disaster struck? We have a good sense. scientists recently discovered 3D images of a massive crator of Chicxulub. This is where the fatal blow to dinosaurs probably happened. These is a 3D image of the crater which is buried in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

You can also see the "face" of the asteroid which hit the Earth. This crator is submerged after so many years.