Here are stories about cars. Racing cars do not count here. Only cars which you can actually drive - the real cars.

One of the really cool cars is Bugatti-Veyron. Some people think it is the best car of the past decade. Indeed, it's top speed is over 250 miles/hour. It was named after a French racing driver Pierre Veyron. It has style, speed and power. Look at it -

 Modern materials such as carbon fiber and ingenious engineering make this car exceptional -

It has one of the most powerful engines doing over 1000 horsepower. It will take you from New York to Washington DC in less than an hour if all the roads are empty.

Here is another one: SSC Ultimate Aero. It's am American car by Shelby SuperCars:

The recorded speed is over 250 miles per hour but they are close to top that.

Some say it can even go upto 290 miles per hour.

Well, our next car i Koenigsegg CCR. And this one comes from Sweden. It is a little bit slower than Veyron but the Swedes can surely improve. Can they beat the Germans and the Americans though in their quest?