And here comes the creature of the sky - the fast and witty Pterodactyll

Thery existed from the late Triassic to the Cretaceous periods. This means these dinosaurs lived between 200-65 million years ago.

He was a predator to be reckoned with

The wing span can be as large as 40 feet!

Pterodactyls were looking for their prey flying high in the sky. When they saw an opportunity, they ruthlessly took advantage of it. This is one of the moments which could have happened in the Cretaceous period - a pterodactyl spotted a little Triceratop ( After circling around, it decided to decend and try its luck.

The wings of Pterodactyls were made of membrane and other tissue. The powerful wings allowed them to fly high. Some of the Pterodactyls have a little of bit of hair.

They could move on the ground but they were very awkward.