Here are some information for children about various teams and players participating in the World cup!

The world cup 2010 starts on 11 June in South Africa. There are 8 groups, 4 teams per group. The matches will be held all over South Africa. The finals will be on 11 July.

The strongest teams in the world will participate in this competition. World best players will fight for their team to win.

One of the best world players is Lionel Andres Messi from Barcelona football club. He will play for Argentine.

Another great player is Christiano Ronaldo  from Real Madrid football club. He will be playing for Portugal.

One of the best players is also considered to be Ricardo Kaka who is also from Real Madrid club. He will be playing for Brazil. He is one of the smartest and technical players in the world.

Wayne Rooney from Manchester United football club will be playing for England.

With his power, speed and technique, England has a great chance to break any defence of an opposite team.

There will be also the best goalkeepers in the world. Without a good goalkeeper, a team may lose despite a great efford.

Here are questions for you -

Question: Who is considered to be the greatest goalkeepr of all time?

Question: Where was he from?

Question: What football club did he play for?

Hint: This flag is from which country?

Question: Will this country be participating in World Cup 2010?